What is NSROC?

Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC) is comprised of eight councils in the northern part of Sydney which have voluntarily come together to address regional issues, work co-operatively for the benefit of the region, and advocate on agreed regional positions and priorities. The eight member councils are Hornsby ShireHunters Hill, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, MosmanNorth Sydney, City of Ryde and Willoughby City. The objectives of NSROC as defined in the NSROC Constitution are as follows:


  1. To strengthen the role of Local Government in regional affairs, particularly where the region may be affected by Commonwealth or New South Wales Government policies.
  2. To ensure that as a region we are providing leadership and participating in the development of; sound urban infrastructure; economic infrastructure and employment opportunities.
  3. To facilitate the integration of transport, human and environmental infrastructure projects that support opportunities that meet community and business needs.
  4. To improve the quality and access to human services infrastructure.
  5. To improve the quality and efficiency of Local Government service delivery throughout the Northern Sydney Region.
  6. To ensure the organisation develops as a highly credible and cost-effective organisation


NSROC is comprised of:

  •  the NSROC Board (16 members with the Mayor and one other nominated Councillor from each NSROC council),
  •  an Executive (a President and two Vice-Presidents nominated by the Board),
  •  the General Managers Advisory Group (GMAC), and
  • the NSROC Executive Director, Manager Policy & Projects, Regional Waste Management Coordinator and Business Manager.


The NSROC Board meets  four  times a year and holds an annual one day conference.

NSROC was established in 1986. It is an Incorporated Association.  It is governed by a Board established under its Constitution.   NSROC Constitution as amended 9 August 2018.

NSROC provides an Annual Report as part of its Annual General Meeting held in November each year. A copy of the latest Annual report is here: NSROC 2019 Annual Report. All published reports and reviews generated by NSROC are available on this website. Go to Policy or Projects sections to locate this material.

Access to information held by Councils is provided by them in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. If you are seeking information held by Councils, you should consult the Access to Information section of individual Council’s websites.

NSROC ABN : 65955981255