Waste Management

Northern Sydney Regional Waste Strategy 2014-21


Effective municipal solid waste management is a crucial responsibility of councils in the NSROC region as a requirement of the Local Government Act 1993.  Collectively the eight councils generate approximately 247,000 tonnes of domestic waste per year.

The Councils in the NSROC region have a history of cooperation in waste management. In 2014 the then seven member councils developed and subsequently adopted the Northern Sydney Regional Waste Strategy. In 2017 it was revised and then revised further in 2018 by adding Mosman as the eighth member.

A detailed Direction Report can be found here Northern Sydney Directions Report 2018 and Regional Waste Profile can be found here Northern Sydney Regional Waste Profile 2018.

VISION: A community actively engaged in waste reduction, recycling and resource recovery, to protect the environment and enhance community well-being.

Illegal Dumping

  1. Illegal Dumping program
  2. Community education programs
  3. Improved planning guidance for waste management in mixed use developments and multi-unit dwellings
  4. Other regional procurements projects
  5. Regional plastics waste management strategy

Woodlawn Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) Facility operated by Veolia – Tarago NSW

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The Northern Sydney Regional Waste Strategy was supported by theNSROC logo
NSW Environment Protection Authority with funding from the waste levy.