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Previous Environment Reports

NSROC Regional Sustainability Plan – 2009-2014

NSROC member councils have a commitment to improving  environmental sustainability of the region and  have developed a 5 year which outlines NSROC’s sustainability issues, goals and actions across the following areas:

  • Climate Change and Energy Consumption
  • Development and Build Environment
  • Water and Sewerage
  • Sustainable Business
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Protection
  • Resource Recovery and Waste Avoidance
  • Transport and Traffic

For full plan click here  NSROC Regional Sustainability Plan 2009-2014 . The Plan is monitored annually through NSROC Regional State of the Environment reporting.

NSROC State of the Environment -Annual Regional Reporting

The NSROC Region has a great environmental diversity. Our area shares national significant harbour access, and national parks and reserves. Each year NSROC produces a Regional State of the Environment Report or SOE Report outlining the key environmental actions and data for the

This report details the environmental challenges facing the communities of Northern Sydney as well as the management responses from local government. Time series data across a range of environmental indicators is being collected and reported enabling a more sophisticated, informed and collaborative approach from the NSROC councils region.

NSROC State of the Environment Report 2010-2011

Press release – 30 November 2011- State of Environment Report

Previous S0E reports


 2010 Regional SOE report

 2008/09  Click here to view report
 2007/08  Click here to view report
 2006/07  Click here to view report
 2005/06  Click here to view report
 2004/05  Click here to view report

2005  Potential Environment Impacts of population growth in the Northern Region of Sydney In 2005 NSROC commissioned a report titled “The Environmental Impacts of Population Growth” which identified the state of the environment in the NSROC region; the issues impacting on its sustainability; and the anticipated impacts on the environment if current population growth trends continue as anticipated and as documented in the 2005  Metropolitan Strategy.