Regional map

The NSROC Region includes Councils of Hornsby, Hunter’s Hill, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, Mosman, North Sydney, Ryde and Willoughby.

Economic Contribution of the NSROC Region – Highlights

The Northern Sydney Region is an economic powerhouse for Sydney and NSW:

  • It produces around $50.5 billion in gross regional product or 11.0 percent of the State’s gross product (2012).
  • It employs around 358,300 people, with a population of over 573,000. (2012 ERP)
  • It has nearly 66,000 registered businesses.(2012)
  • The largest employer sector is Professional, Scientific and Techical Services at 56.000 people.
  • The largest financial output sector is Professional, Scientific and Technical Services at $14 billion.
  • It has an unemployment rate of 3.92 percent compared to the State average 5.1 percent.(Sep 2012)

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Historical information In 2004 the Centre for Internal Economics (CIE) was commissioned to undertake a study of the economic contribution of the NSROC region. See the  2005 NSROC Regional Economic Contribution Report

NSROC population is estimated to be at 580,000 (estimate at June 2012).

The NSROC region has an ageing population with a smaller proportion of people in the younger age groups (0 to 17 years) but a larger proportion of people in the older age groups (60+ years).

Overall, 34.1% of the population was born overseas, and 23.5% were from a non-English speaking background. The dominant non-English speaking country of birth in NSROC Region was China, where 3.7% of the population, or 19,107 people, were born.

Overall, 55.4% of the population have higher educational qualifications and 33.0% had no qualifications, compared with 43.0% and 42.8% respectively for Sydney Statistical Divison.

The three most popular employment sectors are:  Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (38,279 persons or 14.9%) Health Care and Social Assistance (28,224 persons or 11.0%) and Retail Trade (23,745 persons or 9.3%).

Household income levels in NSROC Region are generally higher than the Sydney average with 41% of households being high income and earning $1,700 per week or more and 11% low income households earning less than $500 per week.  This compares with a 29.5% and 16.8% breakdown of high and low incomes respectively for Sydney Statistical Divison.

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