Planning is a core function of councils and NSROC member councils have been strong advocates for planning reforms. Our view is that Councils are well placed and skilled to make most planning decisions in their communities and that State Government’s role should be limited to projects of major regional and state significance.


Metropolitan Planning in 2012

Submission to ‘Sydney over the next 20 years” Discussion Paper – submitted July 2012

2012 Planning System Review

Our latest positions on planning matters are articulated in our  submission to the NSW Independent Inquiry into Planning  see:

NSROC Submission to Planning Issues Paper– submitted 29 February 2012;

Planning Act Review – Initial Submission   -submitted on 6 November 2011.

A further planning document is the  NSROC Planning Blueprint which was released prior to the 2011 NSW election and includes:

  • wholesale review of the NSW Planning Act
  • repeal of Part 3A
  • repeal of Joint Regional Planning Panels
  • reform of Section 94 contributions, the Affordable Housing SEPP and Housing Codes
  • restructure of the Department of Planning and re-positioning to central government
  • reviews of independent planning authorites such as the Barangaroo Development Authority
  • revision of Sydney Metropolitan Strategy including : housing and employment targets set for Northern Sydney and comprehensive intergration of transport planning, protection of agricultural land and recognition of population growth adjacent to the Sydney basin

Sydney Metropolitan Strategy – 2010

The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy (orginally released in 2006 and then revised in 2010) sets out the State Government’s key planning strategy for Sydney. The 2005 Strategy  included population and employment targets   for NSROC councils. NSROC councils have made their submission to the State Government’s Metropolitan Strategy and Metropolitan Transport Plan which outline Sydney’s population growth issues and transport projects. NSROC is critial of the State’s approach and the absence of funding and genuine planning compared with the efforts being made by local government.

These submissions build on major work by NSROC undertaken in 2006 in relation to the then Sub -Regional Strategies . The NSROC Sub Regional Planning Strategy sets out housing, employment and infrastructure targets for the Northern Sydney region until 2031.


Planning related reports and submissions – 2008 and earlier

NSROC Submission on Planning Reform – February 2008

The NSROC councils are broadly supportive of the intent of the Planning Reforms and any efforts to improve the efficiency of the planning process and reduce red tape. Equally the NSROC councils support reforms which improve the transparency and accountability of the planning system and enhance the ability of the community to determine the nature and quality of the built environment within which it is placed.