Fighting Regional Litter

NSROC has received funding from the NSW EPA to implement a regional litter project aimed at raising public awareness about litter in public areas.

Our Regional Litter Plan identified pedestrian malls as a high priority and a major problem. Cigarette butts, drink containers and take away food wrappers are the most common items found. NSROC has partnered with the City of Ryde and Hornsby Shire Council to focus on two busy pedestrian malls used by commuters and shoppers alike. In each place, council staff have to clean up litter at least twice a day, even though there are ample numbers of bins provided and all the bins have a small butt bin inside.

Meet Crank Zappa


We can all be litterers and we may try to ignore the problem, but there will be no ignoring Crank Zappa in the next fortnight. He’s a four metre high jellyfish which lights up at night and lets visitors know exactly what he thinks of litter. He is made of plastic litter collected in this region and you can see, feel and hear some home truths about the problems of litter and how it contributes to plastic pollution in the sea. We chose the jellyfish because the NSROC region drains to either the Hawkesbury River as it flows towards the sea or Sydney Harbour. Most litter in public places ends up in waterways and the marine environment after being washed down our stormwater drains.


Interacting with Crank Zappa at Hornsby Mall

The NSW Government’s Don’t be a Tosser campaign provides a telling reminder about the problems caused by litter and has handy tips on how to prevent litter. Our Crank Zappa installation complements those messages.For more information regarding the Don’t be a Tosser program click here NSW EPA Don’t Be a Tosser