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Northern Sydney Regional Waste Strategy 2014-21

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Effective municipal solid waste management is a crucial responsibility of councils in the NSROC region as a requirement of the Local Government Act 1993.  Collectively the seven councils generate approximately 250,000 tonnes of domestic waste per year.

The Councils in the NSROC region have a history of cooperation in waste management. In 2014 the seven councils developed and subsequently adopted the Northern Sydney Regional Waste Strategy.

A Summary of the Strategy is available here NSROC Waste Strategy 2014-21 while a more detailed Direction Report can be found here NSROC Directions Report 2014 and Regional Waste Profile can be found here NSROC Regional Waste Profile 2014.


                     FOCUS AREAS

  • Managing problem wastes
  • Developing a regional Illegal Dumping Program
  • Improving waste management in multi-unit dwellings
  • Developing regional community education programs, and
  • Developing regional waste management contracts.


A community actively engaged in
waste reduction, recycling and
resource recovery, to protect the
environment and enhance
community well-being.


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The Northern Sydney Regional Waste Strategy was supported by theNSROC logo
NSW Environment Protection Authority with funding from the waste levy.