Regional Collaboration

NSROC ‘s goal is to work together for a better region.

NSROC functions include facilitating regional collaboration in various forms.   Many of our projects and activities are based on providing joint cost savings and efficiencies for our region.

Some core activities to this end, which NSROC oversights, is joint tendering to provide economies of scale on certain purchases for the benefits of councils.

Through its Professional Officers Groups (POGs)  NSROC member councils and officers meet regularly to examine collaborative opportunities and activities.

Current Projects

NSROC is a resource to its member councils enabling collaboration and development of regional solutions. Some key projects for 2013 include:

For earlier examples of regional collaboration and projects see our 2009 Regional Projects Brochure which showcases joint infrastructure projects undertaken by our member councils. This brochure  demonstrates the NSROC councils capacity to achieve mutually beneficial arrangements for its residents.

Professional Officers’ Groups

NSROC manages a wide variety of projects and issues on behalf of the region. Most major projects and issues are managed by specific committees or professional officers’ groups (POGs). Some groups meeting on a regular basis to achieve outcomes, develop strategies and policies, and exchange information. Other groups are established on an “as needs” basis for specific projects or issues.

The current groups within the NSROC umbrella include: Waste, Environment and Sustainability, Planning, Supply, Human Resources, Finance, Community Services, Sport, Transport, and Integrated Planning and Governance. For contact details on these general groups please go to the Officer Groups page.