NSROC has set the scene for the NSW and Federal Governments with its ” NSROC Regional Priorities – Key Actions for Northern Sydney” plan. The Plan sets out seven priority areas for the region and over 80 actions which involve regional coordination and contribution and leadership by State and Federal Government.

NSROC and its member councils will use this document to inform the State Government’s “Regional Action Plan for Northern Sydney” which is expected to be released in mid 2012.

To read more see the Press Release and download the NSROC Regional Priorities document .

 NSROC seven priority areas:

  1. critical transport infrastructure projects including completion of the North West Rail link, the Chatswood-Parramatta rail link and the F3-M2 freeway link;
  2. reforming the state bus transport monopolies to allow financially viable local community transport services ;
  3. provide for ageing including meeting the demand for aged care homes and upgrading community facilities to suit ageing needs;
  4. maintaining open space and community facilities in increasingly populated areas and opening State government land sales to public scrutiny;
  5. reinvigorate existing business centres and commercial parks into more vibrant areas with nighttime economies and cultural hubs;
  6. develop a regional sustainable waste treatment and resource recovery system; and
  7. encourage regional collaboration of NSROC councils to maximize opportunities and savings.