NSROC Submission to NSW Whole of Government Ageing Strategy 2012

In February 2012, NSROC provided a comprehensive submission to the new State Governments Aging Strategy development process. Following NSROC participation at public consultations in Chatswood and the CBD, the NSROC  Submission seeks to highlight the roles that councils play in ageing community management. Councils across NSW provide and fund a range of services and infrastructure for the aged –  from Meals on Wheals, linen cleaning and lawn mowing services, aged officers and activities to planning and manageing infrastructure like senior citizens centres and aged friendly housing.  The NSROC Submission calls on the State Government to audit and gain a better understanding of local government and its contribution to healthy ageing in the community to ensure a statewide approach fits and complements existing local councils operations.

For submissionWhole of Gov Ageing strategy – NSROC Feb 2012